10 Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make And How To Avoid Them

Most bloggers are faced with some challenges especially in the area of content creation and promotion.
These 10 tips from experts on mistakes bloggers make and how to avoid them will be of great help to you.

1. “One mistake blogger make is they are so focused on the design which results in actually ignoring writing quality contents

Write at least 10 blog post before fully committing into blogging”
Aaron Lee

2. “When people start blogging, they generally want to write on really big topics:
– How to do social media marketing.
– Business best practices
– How to make money on the Internet.
Topics like these are so broad.

Create very specific topics and work on them.
Lindsay Kolowich

3. “Inconsistecy is one of the greatest factor of an unsuccessful blog, both in publishing frequently and quality

Base your blogging on routine not on when the muse come to visit”
David Aston

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4. “Many beginners bloggers, worry that they’d run out of topic to write about, so they come up with any and every idea possible and post about it. If you do these, your blog lack focus.

Be clear on how your blog align and support your goals. Your blog articles should naturally tie-in with issues in your area of expertise or your industry, and address specific questions or concerns your prospects have about your product and service.”
Daniel Loius

5. “The biggest mistake bloggers make is falling to engage it’s reader with a compelling title and an opening statement or questions that support it.


Think of the title as the label of a package, one that will only be opened if the label clearly or cleverly describes what’s is inside”

Jeff Korhan

6. “One of the biggest mistake most bloggers make is falling to connect with the emotions of the audience

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If you can speak to what they are feeling now, as well as what they want to feel, you’ll create relationship with them, they’ll never forget”

Charissa Moore

7. “The biggest mistake blogger make is to misunderstand who their audience is. I see many blogs where the blogger clearly understand the topic, but failed to connect their audience with their post.


Understand the problem facing your audience and what your audience already know about the topic in order to craft post that deliver useful information.”

Charlene Kingston

8. “One mistake blogger make is using click here in links instead of real keywords.


Do inform your readers where they are going. A reader should have all the context they need just by reading the embedded line.”


9. “One of the biggest mistake I see bloggers making is they don’t promote their content enough.


Don’t feel too guilty and promoting your content. Proper self promotion is a win-win situation for both you and your audience”

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Kristi Hines

10. “I think a lot of bloggers focus on quantity versus quality and I think this is the biggest mistake.


A good in depth blog post take time to research, write and edit.”

Dag Holmboe

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